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True North Technology exists to improve animal health and performance by providing the stock show community with science based innovative solutions and products.


True North Technologies is a natural growth of the veterinary practice. It began as an effort to address the unique health challenges of highly stressed show stock by boosting their immune system, and promoting rapid healing to fight off bacterial, fungal, and viral diseases.


The name for True North Technologies comes from the compass and the fact that it points to true north. It does not point that way because of the latest trend or because of a marketing message. It points “True North” because it is the truth.


The True North promise to is that we will always strive to point to the truth and develop science-based products that help you have your animals at their 12 o’clock when they enter the ring.


Check out our True North Products:


True Gamma


True Glo


True Glo CR


True Guardian


True Trac









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