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Oltman Showpigs

JT Oltman founded Oltman Showpigs in 2014. His showpig business is based out of Oakland, Iowa. Oltman Showpigs aims to deliver you with the best quality showpigs as possible. With great attention to detail and quality, we do not cut corners and always ensure that any task or procedure is done safely, effectively, and most importantly, the right way. 


JT got into the showpig business after purchasing four baby pigs in May of 2014 as part of a 4-H project. JT grew up showing livestock and wanted to continue to help young 4-Hers learn how to show livestock. Over the summer, JT worked with two young boys, and taught them how to show pigs. After the fair ended in August, JT decided to keep the pigs and breed them. He hopes to continue breeding his pigs and work his way up in the showpig business. 


JT takes great pride in what he does and is always wanting the best for his pigs. You can rest assured that your pigs will come from a great home if you choose to purchase from Oltman showpigs. 


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